Safety precautions to observe before your flight
Safety precautions to observe before your flight

These air travel safety tips are what you need to know before stepping on an aircraft. Preparing for a flight involves more than booking your ticket and packing your bags.

Many people experience some form of discomfort or sickness when they travel by plane. Dry mouth, aching limbs, swollen ankles — they are par for the course on plane rides and they are caused by the very environment you’re traveling in. That means there’s nothing you can do to eliminate these issues entirely, but you can take a few steps in the right direction.

To ensure a smooth and secure journey through MMA2, it’s essential to consider various aspects of air travel. Here are some valuable flying tips and insights to help you maximize your flying experience.

  • – Passengers are advised to check their vitals before leaving home
  • – Passengers who are under health management should carry their medications with them
  • – Trends have shown that sick passengers, especially on the first flight suddenly break when they fail to eat, check vitals, or take medications
  • – Taking a light breakfast as little as a cup of tea is recommended
  • – Pregnant women are advised to check airline advisories for pregnant passengers and should abide by it
  • – If you suddenly become unwell while in our terminal, feel free to use our onsite clinic located on the ground floor 
  • – If you require wheelchair and buggy services, kindly request them.
  • – If you’re a frequent flyer and have a chronic but stable medical condition, you may consider getting fit to fly; this card may be used as proof of medical clearance.

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