Car Park

A relaxing travelling and shopping experience begins with the availability of a convenient car park. We have made this easy and simple for our customers with our 800 parking spaces at our covered Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP).

The benefits of using our MSCP are: its automated parking system, close proximity to the terminal, four spacious floors for parking, exclusive parking spaces, convenient parking for terminal users, safe and secured parking with 24 hours CCTV monitoring, special parking spaces for the physically-challenged, an elevator and a connecting bridge from the terminal to the car park.


0-60 minutesN1,000
Subsequent 30 mins – 4th hourN100 each
5th hour – 24th hourN500
Overnight parkingN5,000
Large buses N5,000
Lost/Damaged Ticket penaltyN5,000
Kindly note that a flat rate applies 1 minute into the next 24 hour cycle for overnight parking



Corporate Parking is on an annual membership subscription basis. The plan is also designed for frequent travelers who will prefer to make a one-off payment to gain access to the parking facility instead of the minor inconveniences of repeated payments.


  • Parking at a discounted rate
  • Personalized car park access card
  • Shelter Parking (protection of your vehicle against the sun, rain and heat)
  • Prepaid and unlimited inhibited access to the car park
  • Safe and secured parking with 24 hours CCTV.


This plan is designed specifically for easy facilitation of employees, the parking slots are located in close proximity to the arrival hall. The benefit of this plan covers:


  • Protocol Car Park Access located at the entrance of the Arrival Hall
  • Safe and secured parking with 24 hours CCTV
  • Well-trained professional Aviation Security personnel
  • Parking Access for buses (up 33-seater buses)
  • Shelter Parking (protection of your vehicle against the sun, rain, and heat)
  • Prepaid and unlimited access to the parking bay.


If you need a ride from MMA2 to any destination in Nigeria, your first choice should be with the terminal’s car hire services. We will take you wherever you want to go. All the operators have reception desks in the Arrival Hall for ease of booking.

Why use Airport Rentals Car Hire? It is because you will enjoy the lowest price for such services, as well as standard and comfortable air-conditioned cars. Besides, the cars are clean, safe and secured and they operate in a “no touts” terminal. Over 50 cars are available for this service.


  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Standard and comfortable cars
  • Safe and secured
  • Pre-booking not required.

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