Do I need to take a test before traveling?

A COVID-19 test result is not required to travel through MMA2 but you must be sure you're COVID-19 negative and you remain without symptoms before your travel.

Am I mandated to wear a face mask at the airport?

Masks are still mandatory in MMA2. Until we receive a directive from our regulator, NCAA, please bear with us and mask up

Are shops and restaurants open?

Yes, most shops and restaurants in MMA2 are open and following strict COVID-19 protocols

Are there temperature checks in place for passengers at MMA2?

Yes, temperatures checks are measured via handheld or mounted infrared thermometers at different points in the terminal

Are there measures in place to ensure social distancing?

Yes, signs and floor markings have been installed to remind all passengers to maintain social distancing and respect others around them as they travel through the airport.

Can I travel if I am experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms?

Do not travel until a full 10 days after your symptoms started or the date your positive test was taken if you had no symptoms.