Baggage & Security

Lost an item?

If you have lost items within the airport itself, reach out to the AVSEC team immediately. CLICK HERE TO VISIT HELP & CONTACTS PAGE. If you have lost your baggage, or items while on an aircraft or airline bus, please contact your airline directly.

Pat down Screening?

Pat-down procedures are used to determine whether prohibited items or other threats to transportation security are concealed on the person. You may be required to undergo a pat-down procedure if the screening technology alarms, as part of unpredictable security measures, for enhanced screening, or as an alternative to other types of screening, such as advanced imaging technology screening

What is my luggage allowance?

Baggage allowances are set by each individual airline.

What items are prohibited from hand and hold baggage?

For packing tips and information on items that must not be carried on board a flight or within your hold luggage, kindly reach out to your airline